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Quilts Around the Block
 "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!"

Join us for National Quilt Day on March 19 from 10:00 to 4:00 pm by displaying quilts in your neighborhood. Quilts may hang on fences, in windows, on front porches, or in any way that will display them for passers-by. With everyone participating on this day, we can all enjoy a splendid, free-of-charge quilt display, just by walking through town! 

Friends Around the Block is planning a few special events on March 19th, including a scavenger hunt, and a FREE raffle for all participants! If you plan on displaying a quilt on National Quilt Day, let us know and we will enter your name in a raffle to win a shop quilt. 

Our streets are a perfect outdoor venue for a charming, safe and socially distanced quilt display. If you don't have a quilt to display in your neighborhood, we can put you in touch with one of the talented quiltmakers we know. Quiltmakers, this is your chance to show your work and connect with community members who may want to own one of your quilts!

We are putting together Quilt Map of all the quilts that will be on display, so if you are a resident and/or quiltmaker who is displaying a quilt, please let us know. Call (530) 458-7467, email the shop, or message us on Instagram and we will include your neighborhood block on the map. We will also enter you in our FREE RAFFLE to win a shop quilt.

So pick out your favorite quilts, finish up a new one, or borrow some you love and display them with pride in your neighborhood on March 19. We hope to make this an annual event. Keep your eye out for some early displays downtown. March is National Quilt Month!

Quilts Around the Block MAP
*click here to view the Colusa Quilt Map